Patient Testimonials

  • 30 years of chronic lower back pain and this is the first time I’ve felt significant relief, thanks to James H. Clean facility and professional staff!

    - Ty L.
  • For years I have sought pain relief through PT, too little or no avail.
    Since early November 2020, I’ve been seeing Jessica Jay, at the Macon location. The initial appointment was a last resort for me, but, thankfully,  Jessica was given my case, and with her “ bag of magic tools”, and my hard work, I am now free of my chronic pain. My life was centered around always trying to get out of pain, so it involved many limitations in everyday life. This yoke has been permanently lifted, and even if I were to get a little uncomfortable, I’ve been giving my own “bag of magic tools” for my arsenal.
    Jessica is not only highly knowledgeable, but she is happy to share the mechanics and anatomical information of the what and why of the work. To say she is gifted is not an overstatement. Through Jessica’s expertise, I have my life back. Her dedication to the work in helping people achieve a life free of pain is a rare find. – Jo T. 

    - Jo T.
  • It’s great being able to lose the pain and strange walk associated with my spine making a C shape. I had a burning pain in my left hip that has been reduced to history. I’m learning what to do to make sure I don’t get back into my bad habits. It is nice to say good by to my sciatic nerve pain without another operation. One was enough, it caused my spine problem. Thanks Jason

    - Robert C.
  • I would recommend R. Jason Kent Therapy, LLC all staff are very professional with excellent customer service, my first two visit I felt relief and thanks to everyone especially James

    - Loretta B.
  • They have a great team that works with you . They treat you with great respect. I would recommend you to go there if you need therapy. The people that work there are very professional and know what they are doing to get you better. And I I never had to wait in the lobby to go to the back to be treated. Got in right away.

    - Lee B.
  • Jason and his team are awesome. They are very knowledgeable about the human body. I was amazed that after my first visit with them how drastic my pain was reduced. I recommend them to all my family. My wife also had amazing results with them as well.

    - Marley D.
  • I have been going to Jason for several months now.  Before I came to him I had used a scooter, walker, wheelchair, and cane for the past 5 1/2 years.  I am able to walk now without an assistive device.  He is amazing. 

    - Mary G.
  • Dr Kent has helped me so much! I have a lot of arthritis in my lower back that affects my legs. He’s been great at helping me learn to treat and live with my condition without being in constant pain. The staff is great! They’re always pleasant and professional. I have and will continue to recommend Dr Kent for physical therapy.

    - Lisa E.
  • I have worked with the Warner Robins office 3 times in the last year, most recently for bilateral knee replacements. I have really progressed and finished my therapy today. The office staff is very helpful and Drew and Christy are wonderful, they go out of the way to encourage me to make good progress. The office is small so I get great one on one attention and seeing the same person keeps you moving forward. Therapy is hard and the vibe is upbeat, fun, with a young energetic staff. I was also very happy with the care they have taken during the Covid-19 epidemic, I always felt very confident going to my appointments during this time. I am glad I chose this office and would recommend it to anyone who needs it.

    - Susan R.
  • I absolutely love everyone at Kent PT! They have all been super kind and supporting and understanding. I have been dealing with my back pain for going on six years! In less than two months going there I’ve had more relief than ever before! Without meds and without being treated like a crazy person! Candy is who I see the most and she is tough but she gets the job done! She always makes sure I am progressing and never lets me leave in pain. She talks me through everything, step by step, and helps me understand what we are doing and why. She answers every silly question I have. She also talks me through the rough parts and it distracts my mind so I can press forward. I am just amazed at her skill and bedside manner. Everyone there is exceptional and they put up with my shenanigans. I know I’m not an easy patient. Even the ladies up front are awesome! I highly recommend this place! Now if only they had a hot tub….I might not ever leave!

    - Virginia K.
  • By far…the best Physical Therapist! Dr. Kent went above and beyond to help me when I felt hopeless. I will never forget the kindness and generosity shown to me.

    - Laura C.
  • I just want to say THANK YOU to R. Jason Kent Physical Therapy staff (Warner Robins) for their stellar professionalism, care, laughs and knowledge throughout my treatment with y’all. Especially Lydia, Christy, Drew and the lady who gives out the exercises to do at home (I forgot her name). I did not get the chance to personally say thank you and good bye at my last appointment. I’m sure you’d be happy to know that I am no longer experiencing any pain with my back, the sharp pains are gone and I’ve been able to go to the gym to run and lift weights pain free again.

    Thank you so much for ALL that you do and continue to do for your clients.

    - Tairesa H.
  • I suffer pain from past back and neck surgeries as well as a SI fusion. I also suffer from RA as well as fibromyalgia. Every single time I visit, I leave with SO MUCH relief!! I am terrible when it comes to coming consistently, but I am BEYOND thankful when y’all see me and give me much needed relief! I have been to hundreds of doctors, therapists, chiropractors, pain specialists. Y’all do what none of the others could even attempt to help with! Jason is the only one I have seen but I would trust anyone working under him to help me as well!

    - Melissa T.
  • Our sweet therapist has worked hard to strengthen my 7 year old’s ankle and hip after two breaks. He loves coming because she has gotten to know him and incorporates soccer and Pokémon into his sessions. We have done six weeks and have six more to go. He is excited to come every day! I highly recommend it.

    - Hope M.
  • Jason has been such a blessing to me since I became his patient a few months ago. His dedication to his patients is second to none. It is obvious from your first visit that he has a passion for what he does and it’s evident you are in good hands! Since going to him I have gone from 4-5 migraines per week to about 3 in 3 months! I would (and have) recommend him to anybody!

    - Haley S.
  • I started with Jason and went to Christy during a schedule change. Love them both. Crazy about everyone in the Warner Robin’s office. It’s one big, happy family. If you are a stranger in this office, it’s because you chose to be. Very caring and kind. Thanks to all for my treatment!!

    - Pam P.
  • We took our 12 year old son to Jason with what was described as “dead arm” after he complained of pain while pitching recently. We shut him down for about a month while we met with Jason. He took the time to explain what was causing the pain and it was simply an overworked muscle that needed to be treated with massage and rest. After the first treatment our son already stated he felt better and after taking six weeks off and six treatments he is throwing with no pain now. I urge everyone with preadolescent to puberty age players to consider meeting with Jason if your son complains of any discomfort. We will be sure to bring our son back periodically to ensure he’s doing the exercises correctly that Jason prescribed. Thanks again to everyone at Jason Kent’s office for helping us! 

    - Daniel S.
  • Jason and his staff are a breath of fresh air. The front desk greets you with kindness and a smile. The wait is never long. The assistants are knowledgeable and helpful. Now let’s talk about Jason. He cares. He truly desires for his patients to return to pre-injury state. He is not one who comes in the room, works with you, then runs out. He is more than generous with his time. He couples humor with his therapy to set the patient at ease. He is so very easy to get along with, it’s as if he never meets a stranger. All patients are treated as a friend. It’s such an inviting atmosphere.

    - Heather S.
  • I have been going to Jason for several months now. Before I came to him I had used a scooter, walker, wheelchair, and cane for the past 5 1/2 years. I am able to walk now without an assistive device. He is amazing.

    - Mary G.
  • My new internist highly recommended that I start physical therapy with Jason Kent. I was amazed at Jason’s fierce optimism. He encouraged me right off the bat to plow past my fears and work hard. I have done that and I have improved after each visit. I feel better physically and mentally, have greater flexibility and a wider range of motion. Did I say that I’m back to walking 3-5 miles a day?
    Jason’s immediate hands-on (literally) attention to my treatment has surpassed my expectations. I recommend Jason Kent and his excellent team to anyone that needs physical therapy or manual hand therapy. Sidebar-he provides a fun yet professional environment. Everyone is so knowledgeable, helpful, caring, friendly, and the atmosphere is positive. I look forward to each visit.

    - Susan R.