Virginia K.

Feb20th 2020

I absolutely love everyone at Kent PT! They have all been super kind and supporting and understanding. I have been dealing with my back pain for going on six years! In less than two months going there I’ve had more relief than ever before! Without meds and without being treated like a crazy person! Candy is who I see the most and she is tough but she gets the job done! She always makes sure I am progressing and never lets me leave in pain. She talks me through everything, step by step, and helps me understand what we are doing and why. She answers every silly question I have. She also talks me through the rough parts and it distracts my mind so I can press forward. I am just amazed at her skill and bedside manner. Everyone there is exceptional and they put up with my shenanigans. I know I’m not an easy patient. Even the ladies up front are awesome! I highly recommend this place! Now if only they had a hot tub….I might not ever leave!