Jo T.

Jan26th 2021

For years I have sought pain relief through PT, too little or no avail.
Since early November 2020, I’ve been seeing Jessica Jay, at the Macon location. The initial appointment was a last resort for me, but, thankfully,  Jessica was given my case, and with her “ bag of magic tools”, and my hard work, I am now free of my chronic pain. My life was centered around always trying to get out of pain, so it involved many limitations in everyday life. This yoke has been permanently lifted, and even if I were to get a little uncomfortable, I’ve been giving my own “bag of magic tools” for my arsenal.
Jessica is not only highly knowledgeable, but she is happy to share the mechanics and anatomical information of the what and why of the work. To say she is gifted is not an overstatement. Through Jessica’s expertise, I have my life back. Her dedication to the work in helping people achieve a life free of pain is a rare find. – Jo T.