Ty L.

Mar16th 2021

30 years of chronic lower back pain and this is the first time I’ve felt significant relief, thanks to James H. Clean facility and professional staff!

Jo T.

Jan26th 2021

For years I have sought pain relief through PT, too little or no avail.Since early November 2020, I’ve been seeing Jessica Jay, at the Macon location. The initial appointment was a last resort for me, but, thankfully,  Jessica was given my case, and with her “ bag of magic tools”, and my hard work, I

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Robert C.

Dec16th 2020

It’s great being able to lose the pain and strange walk associated with my spine making a C shape. I had a burning pain in my left hip that has been reduced to history. I’m learning what to do to make sure I don’t get back into my bad habits. It is nice to say good by to my sciatic nerve pain without another operation. One was enough, it caused my spine problem. Thanks Jason