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Are you SOCIAL DISTANCING or QUARANTINED and have questions about your plan of care, but cannot come into the clinic for PHYSICAL THERAPY?

What is an e-visit?

An e-visit is communication through our patient portal. You can ask your physical therapist anything about your injury, your plan of care, your exercise program, guidance for what you can be doing for your injury while you are quarantined, etc…. we will answer your questions, guide you carefully and safely through your care and send you an exercise plan if needed.

How can I make an e-visit appointment?

  • Initiate the e-visit through our patient portal. Ask your therapist to email you a link to your patient portal.
  • Verbally approve the e-visit request when scheduling the appointment.
  • Message your therapist through the portal and your therapist will respond.

Medicare patients: E-visits are approved as of March 2020; you will be billed a co-insurance amount between $2.39 and $6.54 but no more than $6.54 for your e-visit. Your Medicare deductible of $198 must be met in order for Medicare to cover your e-visit.

Non-medicare patients: private insurance is approving e-visits daily. Call us or email and inquire about your insurance plan and deductible if any.

Need answers or guidance about your home exercises or just need clarification regarding your rehab?

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